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Accredited CE

Dr. Robert Margeas, D.D.S.
The key to success with any restoration is dependent on utilizing the right technique with the appropriate products. In this CE webinar Dr. Margeas will share his technique pearls, step by step, teaching how to achieve outstanding clinical results with composites, implants and crowns.
Dr. Karson Carpenter, D.D.S.
This CE webinar will review infection control strategies, the role of contaminated surfaces and equipment in pathogen transmission, surface disinfectant composition, and cleaning and disinfection best practices inside and outside the operatory.

Product Training

Dr. Lee Ann Brady on Cervitec Plus
Dr. Lee Ann Brady discusses the benefits of using Cervitec Plus, a Chlorhexidine varnish by Ivoclar Vivadent.
Benefits of Resin vs. Stainless Steel
Discover the benefits of Zirc's Resin material over conventional stainless. Zirc offers a wide selection of holders for your hand instruments. In particular, Zirc's Cassettes improve efficiency by creating less time in cleaning and locating before a procedure.