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Accredited CE

Dr. Martin Jablow
This CE webinar will review when to attempt vital pulp therapy, choosing a bioactive material for direct vital pulp capping, and what the research says about the various direct pulp capping materials.
Dr. Lester Appell
In this CE webinar, Dr. Lester Appell will discuss how he has incorporated the latest in high-tech equipment to better diagnose dental disease, and how his patients have embraced new technologies, especially in the area of reliable caries detection. Join him as he examines the impact of high-level caries diagnostics on the practice and patients.

Product Training

Minnow from Microcopy, is the “Go-Anywhere” polisher! Perfectly suited for single-patient-use, Minnows provide just the right fit when accessing pits, fissures and tooth anatomy that other, larger polishers just can’t reach. Their small size provides an efficient and economical answer for finishing off all classes of restorations using today’s nanocomposites. The simple polishing system gives you a choice between 1-step polishing for finishing off posterior restorations and 2-step polishing to bring anteriors to a high-luster shine. Minnow will not crumble and break off with use. Simply pop it out of its sterilized packet, use and toss.
Dr. Snyder on HeatWave and Affinity
Dr. Todd Snyder discusses the benefits of using HeatWave™ Customizable Impression Trays and AFFINITY™ Hydroactive Impression Materials from Clinician's Choice.