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Accredited CE

Dr. Payam Ataii
Dr. Ataii will explain the benefits of using a composite with bioactive Giomer Technology for clear aligner therapy. He will also discuss the best practices on how to place and remove the attachments/engagers and which products to use for optimal results.
Casey Hein, RDH
In this CE webinar, please join us as we explore how oral healthcare providers can make a significant difference in identifying patients who have asymptomatic or poorly controlled diabetes, and how glycemic control influences periodontal stability in the reduced periodontium of a patient with diabetes.

Product Training

everX Flow™
everX Flow is a short fiber-reinforced dentin replacement that provides excellent core strength and fracture resistance. You can use it for core build-ups, substructure for endodontically-treated teeth, coronal restorations and teeth with large cavities in high stress-bearing areas, knowing that you’ll be restoring teeth in a biomimetic way and preventing crack propagation. Regardless of the specifics of each case, you’ll always appreciate the way that everX Flow’s injectable thixotropy gives you superb handling, easy delivery and great adaptation to the preparation.
BRILLIANT EverGlow® Flow
BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is a flowable submicron hybrid composite that gives you both stability and flowability in one versatile material. Appropriate for use in a wide range of indications, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is available in eight shades and two different needle sizes, including an extra-fine needle.